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Hey Toronto: make your voice BOOM!

Fireworks Toronto

Citizens of Toronto: many of you in the Indian and Chinese communities want to be able to celebrate Diwali and Lunar New Year with Fireworks--and of course you want to do so legally.

The Canadian National Fireworks Association met with City of Toronto staff to further this request, but the City has made it clear that any additional days for discharge would be subject to a $200 permit fee for Consumer Fireworks.

This means that both Diwali and Lunar New Year will not join May long weekend and Canada Day as recognized days of Fireworks celebration. It also means that you will pay an exorbitant fee to celebrate your major cultural holidays legally. In a city that prides itself on diversity we believe that this decision is not reflective of the people or spirit of Toronto. We also donít believe that your city council will support a report that is non-inclusive of these two important cultural celebrations.

We ask you to state your concerns and raise awareness to your local City councillor. You can find your Councillor on the City of Toronto's Members of Council webpage. We need your support now. Please make your voices heard!