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The Launch Kontrol Pulse is a wired firing system for Consumer Fireworks. It is the simplest and most cost-effective way to ignite fireworks: it allows easy and reliable ignition of Consumer Fireworks with the push of a button!

Firing System for Consumer Fireworks

Benefits of Launch Kontrol Pulse:
* Safe remote ignition of your fireworks
* Simple, widely available, easily swappable power-source (alkaline 9v battery)
* CAT5 connection adapter allows the range to be easily and reliably extended up to 75 feet
* Boards can be linked together to expand into a firing system with multiple cues
* Reusable cables save money and reduce environmental impact (only the clip needs to be thrown away)
* Additional Firing Clips available at a very low cost

Launch Kontrol Pulse Firing System  Canada

What’s Included: Each System comes complete with 4-cue Firing Board, 4 Firing Clips, 3-meter extension Cable, Connection Cable for Additional Firing Board attachment, CAT-5 Extension Cable Adapter.

What’s not Included:
* 9-V Alkaline Battery
* Important: for the System to function properly, you must use a 9V Alkaline battery and not a cheaper Carbon-based battery

Additional Firing Clips: Additional Firing Clips (photo below) are available in a Pack of 20 at an economical cost.

Launch Kontrol Pulse Firing Clips

What we Recommend: We highly recommend the use of an Extension Cable (see photo below), which allows you to extend the range of the Control Board beyond the standard 3 meter cable–so you can ignite your fireworks safely and reliably from a distance. We sell the 25-Foot Extension Cable at a low cost to promote your safety and to ensure the best possible experience with your Launch Kontrol Pulse Firing System!

Launch Kontol Pulse Extension Cable

If you choose to use your own CAT5 or CAT5E Copper-based Ethernet Cable, the System may be extended up to a range of 75 Feet (i.e you can use a cable up to 75 Feet in length). For the use of multiple boards at once, you will require one Extension Cable for each Firing Board used.

View Video: Launch Kontrol Pulse System

light fireworks by remote control

Link multiple boards to ignite as many Fireworks as you like! A single battery can power multiple boards!



Additional Recommendation – Save Money! To reduce your costs when you are using more than 8-12 Fireworks at a time, ask your Dealer about the Launch Kontrol Pulse Replacement Cable. The Replacement Cable is an extra 4-way cable so that you can have an additional grouping of 4 Fireworks standing by with Clips already attached to them. This will allow you to switch an already used board seamlessly into place when you need it. In other words, there will be a set of 4 Fireworks waiting in the wings, which is not yet plugged into a Firing Board. Once you are through igniting (say) your first 4 Fireworks, just unclip the Cable from Board 1 and move the Board over to the the set that is standing by. Then simply plug the waiting Replacement Cable into the Board you have just brought over and you are ready with another set–well in advance of when you need it! This process allows you to easily switch cables from a Board you have already used, without breaking the flow of your Fireworks Display! And this means using less Boards and therefore saving money!

Why We like this System: the Launch Kontrol Pulse is reliable and very simple to use. It is quick to set up and, unlike Wireless systems, there is no programming needed. You will not experience any hiccups or difficulties in firing: just press a button and the corresponding Clip will ignite the fuse for your desired item. If you wish to ignite multiple Fireworks simultaneously (e.g. 2 Fireworks at once for your finale), just click 2 buttons at once and then listen to the crowd roar!

The Launch Kontrol Pulse Wired Firing System is on sale exclusively in Canada at Find it in the Firing Systems section of our site and get ready to put on an amazing show!